The Father of Decentralized Liquidity

Become part of something bigger than yourself, a fairer financial system without a central authority. Swap, LP, borrow, lend, mint interest-bearing synths, and more, in a fairly distributed, governance-minimal protocol built to last.


Token Swaps

Swap tokens with straightforward pricing. No more trying to figure out how much a gwei is worth in your native currency. All trading pairs are tokens matched to stablecoins, ensuring clear pricing.

Slip-based Fees

Tired of fixed swap fees that often shortchange liquidity providers? Or confused by liquidity protocols that require additional expertise or outsourcing to maximize returns? The Vader Protocol uses simple and effective slip-based fees that take liquidity into account. This provides fairer returns to liquidity providers without any additional complications or calculations.

Liquidity Mining

Provide liquidity and gain VADER, the core of the protocol. VADER accrues value as liquidity grows in the ecosystem. The more liquidity, the stronger the system, and the stronger the system, the more valuable VADER becomes. Be rewarded for participating and becoming part of a fairer financial system.

Mint Synthetic Assets

Synthetic assets open up possibilities for financial markets, creating mature financial systems. Mint synthetic assets and gain interest while creating a stronger, more robust system.

Impermanent Loss Protection

Provide liquidity for core, curated pools with Impermanent Loss Protection. A reward for those who help build a stronger system, Impermanent Loss Protection covers the risk you take by becoming a longer term core liquidity provider.

USDV Collateralized Stablecoin

Native to the Vader Protocol, USDV is a collateralized stablecoin minted to and from VADER at market value with zero slippage. All Asset Pools pair USDV with another asset, removing exposure to some of the volatility common to token to token pairings.

Governance Minimal

The Vader Protocol is built to be governance minimal. This allows for greater predictability and trust for others to build upon. DAO governance has a limited ability to tweak system parameters and even this ability can be purged should the system prove to be self-sustaining without outside aid.

Join the Community

The Vader Protocol is built by the community. Come help us build a fairer financial system.


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